Diane O'Reilly

FixIT team were amazing. What started out as one job morphed into something larger and messier and they were super patient and responsive and went to great lengths to ensure I had all I needed. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Robert Kahana

Waimanalo Canoe Club

Unbelievable work !!! Delivered at my every request. Understood what I wanted and over delivered. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of work. Hands down precision work and professionalism. If you need a master here they are. I will be doing more business in the future and will without a doubt share skills with the people in my circle and beyond.

Pat Madsen

Fixit Consultancy was a “game-changer” for us/me. I work for a large organization that has resources, but sometimes those resources are not available. I was hesitant to reach out to Fixit Consultancy, but thank goodness I did! Fixit was efficient, professional, economically effective, diligent to the time, and more importantly, after we paid Fixit they were still apt to help us with some changes and updates that needed to be done to the final product. Overall I highly recommend their services and feel free to message me on any more details.

Herschel F.

Chief Executive Officer
H Freidman & Associates CPA

This team continues to amaze me, I have used them in the past and was very satisfied so I chose them for a second time. I am very pleased I did. Excellence, Professionalism, Expeditious, overall very pleasant experience. Highly Recommended!

Emmanuel Hung

Director - America Chinese Evangelical Seminary

FixIT Consultancy is a superb Consulting Firm. Very helpful and understanding.

David Midence

Chief Executive Officer
S & J Plastering Inc

FixIT always goes above and beyond. Makes adjustments when needed and does very professional work. They are definitely my 1st choice, every time. I can rely on them for delivery schedules. Helped me with my accounting and even identified issues that saved us money. Thank you


Chief Executive Officer
Kteam Construction

Love working with FixIT Consultancy, very professional and always happy to deliver necessary revisions. FIVE STARS